Job Batatu
Job Batatu
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Job Batatu was born in 25th/September/1991 in Rusizi/Kamembe,he was born in a set of triplex unfortunatully  two of them died ,he felt like singing and become a great Gospel singer in 2013 ,even though he felt to sing that year but in March of 2015 it’s when he produced his first song, He pressed on for now he has released 6 Songs.


Artist Audios

Garuka by Job Garuka

3,666 plays

Ibihumeka by Job Ibihumeka

2,417 plays

Nakaza Mwendo by Job Nakaza Mwendo

2,538 plays

Akira by Job Akira

1,549 plays

Ni Sawa Sawa by Job Ni Sawa Sawa

1,586 plays

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