Urban Boyz
Urban Boyz
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Urban Boyz is a Rwandan RnB Afropop group composed of members James Manzi (Humble Jizzo), Safi Niyibikora (Safi Lee) and Muhammed Nshimiyimana (Nizzo).

Urban Boyz released their debut album, Icyicaro Today, in 2008 and have since released more than 70 singles and three studio albums. They have collaborated with numerous regional artists, including Rwandans Riderman and King James and Ugandans Jackie Chandiru, Rabadaba and Goodlyfe crew of Radio and Weasel

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Mpfumbata by Urban Boyz Mpfumbata

72,660 plays

I miss you by Urban Boyz Ft Kitoko I miss you

88,937 plays

Mama by Urban Boyz Mama

137,422 plays

NIPE by Urban boys ft Ykee Benda NIPE

106,589 plays

Adamu na Eva by Urban Boyz Adamu na Eva

94,493 plays

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