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Oda Paccy
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Uzamberumwana Oda Paccy aka Paccy, born  06 March 1990, in Kigali<Rwanda>  in the region of Gasabo, in zone of  Gatsata.

 Paccy is firstborn in family of  two children

In her school life, she attended Ecole Primaire de Gatsata, Ecole Secondaire de Buringa and APEM Ruli, EAV Bigogwe. and KIST where she studied just one year and dropped books for a while. Then she continued to RTUC.

Following the legacy of her mum, she picks inspiration from day today life and true stories from her experience and what she hears from people around her

She grew up listening to music from  Eminem and Dr. Dre

She’s open minded and she writes all her music and she believes with the gift of life, she will move mountains one day just like her legends in the world of Rap

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