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Ishimwe Agappe, better known as Shizzo is an American recording artist and singer–songwriter, from Rwanda He is best known for his single "Intashyo"

Shizzo is an upcoming Rwandan hip hop artist based in The USA/Indiana  born in Rwanda/ RUBAVU, on March 1st 1995.

he is the 4th kid in a family of 5 kids and was raised by a single parent. Mother (NYIRSAFARI JEANNE) because his dad left him when he was too little. He grew up in a struggle life but managed to finished his Primary school (Middle School) at APPEFFE MWEYA, 2006 and joined The High School of CMUM/BIHE where he studied for only two years before his mom decided to move the whole family to KENYA/Nairobi… then rest is history.

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Shizzo Hold it Down

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Shizzo Aho Wankuye

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Shizzo Intashyo

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