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Ish Teachy
Ish Teachy
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ISHIMWE Norbert better known by by his stage name ISH TEACHY  also known as CRAZY WEAPON a.k.a 8Figgaz is A Rwanda based rapper born on 5.1.1996 in Gisenyi, Rwanda to Nsengiyumva Camille and Nyirakamineza M.Chantal.ISH TEACHY started rapping at a tender age of 12, by his debut single  "HARD LIFE"  recorded and released in 2008;later on after co-founding the hiphop trio FLYERS O.N.B ,ISH TEACHY met and signed to ABARIMU Records ,the biggest house of record in GISENYI at the time, where he released his hits of time ICARA, HAGURUKA, NTAWANGA IJANA, IBANGA NYABANGA, and  raising fame to the rapper in the inner city as soon as they were released.


ISH TEACHY   currently lives in INDIA where he is pursuing his university courses in computer applications but still work on beats hard to never get missed by his fans and collaborating with his producer YANG P in M.U.B.I Nation where  he released then  WIKWIYANURA and NZAPFA NZAKIRA with fellows Black Rock and Ross Kempo  and two soon-to-be released singles NTAGUFITE BIRANGA and "RAP NI COP".


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Play, download Business Igikura by Ish Teachy mp3, song on Business Igikura

Ish Teachy

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Ish Teachy ft Pacifica

Play, download Ntawanga Ijana by Ish Teachy mp3, song on Ntawanga Ijana

Ish Teachy

Play, download Sinzacika Intege by Ish Teachy mp3, song on Sinzacika Intege

Ish Teachy

Play, download Icara by Ish Teachy mp3, song on Icara

Ish Teachy

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