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Big Fariouz
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Born in Bwiza, one of the most popular city of Bujumbura. Farious raised in Bujumbura, the Burundian capital city. At school, Farious discovered a passion for drawing and football but he was soon catched up by his talent of singer and dived following in the music.Late 90s , Farious began to emerge in the group Nigga Sound, it was not easy at that time in a music field without studios. In spite of difficulties, he managed to make some recordings when he was discovered by the singer Kidum who decided to promote him, so impressed by the talent of the young Farious.


On here remembers the famous title 'mbarira (with the voice of Kidum declaring the granting of a license to Farious' and 'sitapenda tena' performed with Kidum himself.After this promotion,Farious continued to score hit by hit ,this value him the title of King of the burundian urban music.He contributed to give a new image, a new taste to burundian music.



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Big Fizzo

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Big Fizzo

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Big Fizzo ft DJ Pius

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Big Fizzo

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Big Farious ft Safi Madiba and Fireman

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