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Auddy Kelly
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Born in Gikondo in 1990, Audace Munyangango was raised together with his two brothers. Auddy Kelly lost his father in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis.

The Afro-pop and RnB musician, who through songs like Sizagutererana, a collaboration with female artiste Jody Phibi and Ndakwitegereza, has tried establishing himself as distinguished growing artiste with ambition.

At 18, Igitangaza, a song they recorded by producer Pastor P in 2009 under Anointed Six group, which also consisted of Jules Sentore among other members paved the way for their musical journey.

In 2010, he recorded Izo inzozi, his first song, which was not popular, but on releasing Ndakwitegereza in 2012 the doors were opened for fans. The song also received airplay not only among most local radio stations, but also on the Voice of America which more encouraged him to work harder.

The artiste has worked with Kitoko and Jody among other artistes.

From Ndakwitegereza, a song he recorded in 2012, the artiste was advised to mould his music identity, which incorporates Rwandan cultural beats with modern beats.

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