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Aline Gahongayire
Aline Gahongayire
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Aline's vocal skills and songwriting ability became evident, and it soon became clear that God was birthing in her a desire to lead others into His presence as she began to lead worship at her home church in Kigali,Rwanda.Known for her dynamic, inspiring and anointing songs, Aline Gahongayire (Alga Queen) is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, speaker, and one of rwandan most popular worship leaders.She's a gifted in the area of praise and worship, and she's still seeking a new level of worship in her live.Aline's message is clear,"My deepest desire is to proclaim through worship the name of Jesus-Christ,the one who died and rose the third day, all over the world and let people know that He's still alive."


Now,Aline Gahongayire has understand that she is in her next phase of her calling,releasing God's message through studio recording songs.The album called NZAHORA MBYIBUKA (I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER , is a mix of all kinds of music style,from rwandan traditional to blues.The message in the album is clear;THANK YOU JESUS.After this album,she recorded in 2009, 2 new albums one in TRADITIONAL style of praise and worship called REKA NKUVUGE IMYATO (Let me Magnify You!) and a MODERN one wher different styles are showcased like Blues,Hindu,Rumba,R&B,Zoulu... called UMUKIZA WANJYE ARIHO!(My Redeemer lives).

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