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King Giddy
King Giddy
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His orginal names is TUYIZERE Egide King also known as King Giddy he released his first zouk song on 25/11/2013 Titled For You.

He is a professional  songwriter with more than 200 written songs, 10 audios and 4 videos including a hit songs called Barafinda, Warampinduye, Igendere, Nzaba Nkigukunda and so on.

He is  both a guitarist and pianist too and he has been an audio producer for a year in 2015.

Artist Audios

Yewe Mukobwa by King Giddy Yewe Mukobwa

5,278 plays

Happy Birthday by King Giddy Happy Birthday

5,836 plays

Nzagukumbura by King Giddy Nzagukumbura

15,940 plays

Nzaba Nkigukunda by King Giddy Nzaba Nkigukunda

12,066 plays

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