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Clarisse Karasira
Clarisse Karasira
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Clarisse Karasira is a Rwandan singer, songwriter, cultural dancer, poet, media personality, and humanitarian. Born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda, Clarisse at the age of 17 started working as a radio presenter intern at Radio Ishingiro where she rose to fame due to her intellect and talent.

In 2017, she was hired by one of the biggest media houses in Rwanda, Flash FM/ Flash TV where she served as a news anchor on both radio and TV. Toward the end of 2018, Clarisse resigned from this work to pursue a full-time career in music. Clarisse soon after released her first two songs Ntizagushuke and Giraneza which quickly became hit music in Rwanda, Burundi, and other parts of the world amassing more than one million views on YouTube.

Clarisse since then has been rising and has been performing in various big concerts in Rwanda such as Hero’s day, Kwibuka, Umuganura, and liberation concert among others. Clarisse Karasira was awarded the best female artist of the year, 2019. Clarisse stands out due to the powerful message she passes through her music and her extraordinary voice and humble personality.

Clarisse’s vision is to enlighten humanity to care about each other and live with compassion and wisdom Despite her busy life as an icon, Clarisse has 13 children that she gave scholarship and mentorship with a hope to help them cross the circle of poverty.

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Clarisse Karasira ft Patrick

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Clarisse Karasira

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Clarisse Karasira

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Clarisse Karasira

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Clarisse Karasira Ft Mani Martin

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