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Jody Phibi
Jody Phibi
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Jody Phibi real names Muyoboke Phibi is an afro pop/R&B artiste from Rwanda was born on 9th October 1991 . She discovered her passion for music at the age of 9 years. She is a second year student at Mount Kenya University in Rwanda pursuing a Bachelors degree in social works and business administration.

She recorded her first single “Ninjye Nawe” in 2012, she has worked and recorded with legendaries like Koudou from the Brothers group and she is also associated with Ihorere project. She then went on to record other singles like Ndacyashidikanya and Nyambika Impeta.

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Iyo Ngukeneye by Jody Phibi ft Auddy Kelly Iyo Ngukeneye

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Body by Rabadaba ft Jody Body

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Madina by Jody Phibi Madina

26,362 plays

Birandenga by Jody Phibi Birandenga

17,733 plays

Nyashya na Baba by Jody Phibi Nyashya na Baba

10,969 plays

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